Integral Risk Advisors | Civil Engineering Training Courses

National Certificate: Construction Plant Operations SAQA ID 65789

12484 Perform basic fire fighting
120496 Provide risk-based primary emergency F/Aid
246667 Demonstrate and understanding of OHS&E Leg
119454 Maintain and adapt Oral/signed communication
252250 Apply Firefighting techniques
229998 Explain and Perform Fall Arrest Techniques When Working on Heights
262727 Operate Tractor Loader Backhoe
262746 Operate a Face Shovel
262747 Operate a Frond End Loader
262735 Operate a Grader
243272 Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform
262731 Operate a Rigid Body Dump Truck
262805 Operate a Roller
262710 Operate a Scraper (Motorized Scraper Bowl/Elevator)
262790 Operate a Service Truck
262824 Operate a Sideboom
262712 Operate a Skid Steer Loader
262734 Operate a Tip Truck
262729 Operate a Tracked Dozer
262804 Operate a Tractor
262764 Operate a Water Cart
262713 Operate a Wheeled Dozer
262745 Operate a Articulated Dump Truck
262744 Operate a Excavator

Further Education and Training Certificate: Supervision of Construction Process SAQA ID 65949

263245 Erect, use and dismantle access scaffold
263205 Inspect access scaffold

National Certificate: Construction Health and Safety SAQA ID 77063

9964 Apply Health & Safety to a work area
15034 Work in confined spaces on construction site
120330 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace
120325 Monitor, report and advise on the application of safety and health principles regarding the movement of people and materials in and around a working place
120344 Demonstrate Knowledge And Understanding Of Relevant Current Occupational Health And Safety Legislation
259601 Participate in the implementation and evaluation of a safety and health management program in the Workplace

General Education and Training Certificate: Construction SAQA ID 49411

12877 Use and Maintain Hand Tools on a Construction Site
12878 Use and Maintain Power Hand Tools on a construction Site
119076 Use and Maintain Small Plant and Equipment on a construction site

Civil Engineering Training at Integral Risk

The Civil Engineering Training at Integral Risk provides Civil Engineering Training for different work situations and assists in familiarising trainees with the different needs and challenges of these environments. Our company is expanding its Civil Engineering Training of Advisors and also trains supervisors in the Civil Engineering and use of machines to make them aware of the operational parameters and maintenance needs of machines.

The Civil Engineering Training course trains operators in an almost ideal work environment. The company has identified a need to familiarise the trainees with different and less ideal work environments to simulate the types of environments the operators will operate their machines in.

Our company focuses strongly on practical training and conducts on-site training for clients where the operators can practise on familiar machines. This includes training operators in the basics of how different machines work.

Integral Risk also trains supervisors of machine operations in the basics of earthmoving equipment and the workings of the machines they must oversee. This training enables supervisors to identify dangers in the work environment, increase productivity, reduce cycle times and determine whether machines are being used for the correct application. This helps to reduce downtime and reduces costs related to unnecessary repairs as well as improves the scheduling of preventive maintenance interventions.

Our company is currently expanding its supervisor training programme and trains supervisors on mines throughout Gauteng.

Key areas that the Civil Engineering Training focuses on include Construction Plant Operations, Supervision of Construction Process, Construction Health and Safety, General Construction education and training certificates. The correct operation of equipment and the importance of carrying out a thorough walk-around inspection of the machine before use. The inspection is an important part of the Civil Engineering Training because it improves the performance of machines and reduces downtime and prevents work-related injuries. Trainees need to know why they must conduct inspections, what they must look for in different machines, as well as how to report problems.

The preoperational checks also form part of the preventive maintenance theme in the programme that emphasises early identification of problems to save costs and reduce operational downtime owing to breakdowns. Proper machine operation also reduces operational strain on a machine. The programme also places emphasis on reaction to, and reporting of, on-board warnings to reduce maintenance costs and prolong the machine's life cycle.

Accredited Qualifications at Integral Risk

Integral Risk are accredited Training Advisors, these qualifications are in line with the new South African Qualifications Authority requirements.

The training offered by our company revolves around two main needs of industry and includes training novices to operate machines and improving the capabilities and performance of skilled operators.

The first training course incorporates Construction Plant Operations programme, where people with a minimum qualification of grade 12, with maths and science, are trained to operate equipment. The company does not provide employment for those who have finished the course, but has determined that people who those complete the programme find work in the mining and construction industries in South Africa within a year. The programme is successful because mines are able to hire machine operators who are already trained and can focus on particular issues that are specific to that work environment.

The second training programme teaches Supervision of Construction Process how to use supervise more effectively, faster and more economically. The second course is only offered to operators with a minimum of requirement and it's not for the soft hearted people. The course, known as Supervision of Construction Process, concentrates on the effective and productive supervision skills in construction.

A training course at Integral Risk takes a certain time to complete. The biggest cost associated with the training is the practical work of the machine for the practical training. This is why the Integral Risk does on-site training, wherever possible, and also uses new technologies, such as simulators, to reduce the costs of its programmes.

Integral Risk offers on-site training throughout Gauteng and also hosts sessions in other parts of South-Africa. The main challenges encountered by the academy are the language barriers in other African countries if the training needs to be provided there.

Integral Risk long-term goal is to give training to other countries where we can teach and provide our accreditation experience to mines and to generate the most demand for the best operator and workers in Civil Engineering Training.