Integral Risk Advisors | Training Program Features

  • All training takes place on site
  • Feedback will be provided directly to the learner on areas of competence and areas of improvement, feedback to Management will take place in the form of training reports.
  • Certificates of competency will be issued to operators who are assessed competent in the theory as well as practical tests
  • Where applicable, a certificate of attendance will be issued
  • All training is outcomes based and each driver/operator will be pre-assessed to ascertain their competencies and weak areas.

A complete workbook for each learner will be provided. The assessment that will be carried out at completion of training contains the following:

  • Theory assessment
  • Practical pre/post training assessments
  • Provisions for a safe, efficient work agreement where applicable
  • Learner application for statements of results

A certificate which meets the accordance with the OHS Act 85/1993 Driven Machinery Regulation 18. Sub regulation (11) and the National Code of Practice will be issued, together with an ID type license card for operators who are assessed competent, which is valid for 2 years for lifting machine operators.